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How it Works


  1. An Estimate

  2. Labor/Removal Service

  3. Disposal Fees

  4. Travel Time 

  5. Gas/Maintenance 

  6. Insurance 

**Junk Magicians will make every attempt to limit the amount of your unwanted items that go into the landfill.**

How does this Junk Removal Service Work? 

  1. Customers schedule an appointment

  2. Our professionals will provide you with a FREE Estimate.

  3. If you agree to the quoted price for services, on-site removal begins or is scheduled. 

  4. All unwanted items are removed from the premises.  Just like a regular "Magician" our removal pros will make all your junk disappear!

  5. Junk Magicians will do a quick post removal walk thru with the client to ensure the services covered everything.

  6. Customer makes payment for the services rendered.

Who are the KC Junk Magicians? 

KC Junk Magicians is a Kansas City based family owned and operated professional junk removal company. Our #1 goal is to assist our clients with our services, in a timely manner and at a fair price. Our company aims to maintain greener practices whenever possible. We are dedicated to all kinds of junk removal such as household items, yard and construction debris, old appliances, furniture and much more!

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